My all time idol, Frankie Sandford.
Frankie is just gorgeous. I've met her a few times whilst The Saturdays are on tour. Quite a few fans wait outside the venues to try and meet them and I've been lucky enough to. She's really lovely despite some of the things people might say about her. Fashion wise, I can't fault what she wears, she always looks lovely and she knows exactly what looks right on her. She wears clothes that are perfect for her figure. She's flawless with and without make-up. So much love for her.

My best friend, Catherine Goode.
Every girl wants a best friend. Someone who they can turn to during their darkest hours, and times of trouble. She's been there for me throughout pretty much everything. I lost my Dad to Lung Cancer in August of 2009 and lost my Uncle on New Year's of 2010. She stuck by me throughout both, knew exactly what to say when I needed advice. And just listened to me when I need somebody to talk to. I couldn't hope, wish, or dream for anybody better in my life than her. If I could write the words "Thank you" a million times a day for the rest of my life, it wouldn't be enough to show her just how grateful I am to have her in my life.

My rock, my Mum.
I could write a thousand books telling the world how amazing this woman is. She's been through more than I can ever put into words. And the amount of love I have for my Mum is indescribable. She's the most caring, understanding, loving and honest woman in the entire world. Yes, of course we have our up's and down's but doesn't every Mother and Daughter? I know our relationship wouldn't be the same without casual disagreements now and again. I seriously could not imagine my life without her in it. She's been my saviour, my angel, my rock and one of the best friends a girl could wish for, and I love her with everything I have.

The one person I wish I could talk to one last time, my Dad.
After being diagnosed with Lung Cancer on the 6th February 2007, he never once complained of pain or suffering. He wore a smile on his face every day, still looked out for me, my brother, and my Mum. He was always so precise with advice, he knew exactly what to say and never held back if something wasn't right. By far the bravest, most amazing man I will ever know. If I'd of known that 2 years later I'd of lost him, I would have done SO much more, asked so many more questions. Having been there for him throughout the good times, and the really low bad times of his illness, I will forever be proud of him for how strong he was throughout all the treatment and more. Nobody can compare to how much my Dad influenced my life. And I will continue to be my Dad's daughter until the day we finally meet again.