Wednesday, 29 February 2012

#15 - Vintage décor.

Hello lovelies! Thought I'd do a quick post this afternoon. How many of you LOVE your bedroom? I know I do, my Dad and I decorated my bedroom back in 2008 before he passed away. He was always amazing at decorating and painting as he worked with his Dad in that industry when he was a youngster. If I'd brought home paint or any little bits and bobs to add to my room, he'd be up and ready right away, he loved it and he was so determined to always finish it that same day.

Well, in the end I ended up with the plain magnolia room I was after. With the damask patterned curtains to make it a little bit more edgy. As time went by and a year past, my Dad was no longer around to help me finish it off. So I decided to make him proud and add a few bits myself that I would have never had the guts to do before just in case I messed it up.

I've always, always loved vintage décor, from big framed beds, to chandeliers, to vintage style wardrobes and fairy lights. I love it all. And the more I got interested in it, the more I decided to add the theme to my room. And so I have done. Below are some pictures of what I've now added over the past year.

This is now my main wall. At Christmas time I put fairy lights up around the quote, they're a bit too hefty to have up al year round. I did this with a little help from my best friend, Catherine. She traced all the words from (where I found the perfect font) and around the inside of the words with a pen knife (if you're going to attempt to do this, please be careful, as at one point she almost sliced her finger off) so then the paper acted like a stencil, ready for me to paint over, and on to my wall. I then stuck all the words on my wall with blue tack, and began to paint! And when they were dry after about 2 hours, I removed the stencil from the wall and it left this antique style font on my wall. However, if you don't have the time to trace, pen knife and paint over stencils, you can actually buy ready made stencils to paint over.

My beloved chandelier. One of the favourite things in my room. I love it, and have loved it ever since I first saw it. It looks quite small in this picture but the dimensions are quite large. You can actually get alot of vintage style lamp shades or chandeliers in charity shops or vintage markets if you find them in the right places, and if you look carefully, you really will be getting it at a bargain price. Unfortunately at the time for me, B&Q was my only option, and at around £70, I purchased this beauty. Having now expanded my search criteria's over the past few years, I now know Ebay have a fair few and they are absolutely beautiful, and they're no way near the same price as this one.

The largest wall in my room. Now I've always wanted bunting. And I asked for some for my room for Christmas. It's so cute, and very shabby chic. I must admit, I go onto Ebay daily and type in 'shabby chic' in to the search box, and thousands and thousands of items come up, and they are THE cutest things. I've bought so many gifts for people from that search, like little plaques with quotes on, little jewellery boxes that I've added things to, loads. They are the perfect gift idea, and some of them you can even make yourself.

A little snippet of my curtains. And my cute little birdcage, that on Boxing Day I only then realised came with a candle holder. I love it, I love bird cages. You can add the most beautiful ideas into bird cages. Fairy lights, rose petals, flowers, anything. Alot of people use them at weddings to add a more vintage vibe to the day, and they really do add that little extra 'va va voom' into vintage.

My windowsill. Simple as pie. I love tea pots, especially this style. I also love tea sets, I have a fair few, but I can't add them into my room. It's only small and I actually have no shelves!? Madness. Alot of these items I got for Christmas last year so they've only recently been put in there.

Again, two of my favourite things. I'm silly really, because I'll never use these, or remove the tea set from the packaging because I'm scared it'll get ruined. Or it may be the fact that when I had some friends round, one of my favourite cup and saucers, I kept on my windowsill, and as one of my friends opened my big window, all I could hear was "oops"......*smash* - then I knew what had happened. Unlucky really.

Anyways vintage lovers, that concludes my blog post for today, was only a quick one just to share with you all some more of my vintage and shabby chic favourites. Also, if any of you live in the Hertfordshire area and are interested in vintage markets and fairs, there are some going on in March and April. In my next blog post, I'll add the dates to the bottom just in case any of you are wanting to attend! (I'll most likely be there) so come and say hi!

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  1. He would of been proud hun, I love the writing you did on the wall. Its so unique and classy, I would never of though of doing that :)