Sunday, 8 January 2012

#3 - Spring/Summer 2012.

Who’s ready for Spring/Summer 2012?!
Despite the fact Christmas and New Year have only just passed, I’m already looking forward to seeing what Spring/Summer 2012 is going to bring to the stores fashion wise! By the looks of things, some of the things we still love are going to be joining us in Spring/Summer this year! Some of the key items we’ll probably still be seeing are the Wide Leg pants, Tuxedo Jackets, The High Slit Dress, and The 60′s Peter Pan Collar!

Having done my research all evening, it also seems that some of the fashion trends for 2012 are going to be consisting of key pieces from the 1920′s and the 1960′s!
  • Anything made out of lace, especially structured heavier lace pieces.
  • Peter-pan collars.
  • Ultra-short hemlines. Low-slung belts.
  • Monochrome instead of colour: plenty of white, cream, black.
  • Effortless sexiness with unfussy hair and winged-out eyeliner.
  • Beading and Fringing
  • Drop-waists
  • Kate Moss for Topshop
  • Short bobs
  • Flapper headbands

Aside from the Fashion in 2012! What kind of colours will you be wearing? Anything from 2011 that you’ll be bringing into 2012?
I was also interested in finding out what kind of Nail Colour’s are going to be ‘in’ for Spring/Summer 2012 and it seems like some of the colours from Spring/Summer 2011 are making a big comeback!
One of my personal favourite Nail Colours is Models Own beautiful ‘Nude’ colour. I purchased this around February 2011 and have gone through 5 bottles since! It’s definitely one of the best colours out there and it goes with everything. I always use Models Own nail colour, they always have beautiful colours and it’s THE perfect nail varnish for a good finish with no smudges or marks.
Some of the other colours and designs that seem to be making a comeback this year are Deep Burgundy’s, Rose Pink, Milky White, Honey, Cherry Red, Preppy Coral, Chartreuse, Fifties-style Red, Fancy patterns such as Sequin Tips/Glitter, Chrome Hologram, Pearl, Moody Ombre effects, Jockey Stripes and Half Moons, Tribal V Shaped Manicures, Geometric Checkered Manicures and Black Swan Graffiti – for pictures etc go to

What about make-up?! - I’ve been peeking on Harpers Bazaar and and most of our much loved make up favourites from 2011 also seem to be creeping into 2012!
Lip Colours: Red, Crimson, Dark Chocolate Red, Coral, Scarlett, Matte Fuchsia.
Eye Liner: Modern Cat Eyes, Dramatic Lines and Endings, Flicks of Colour, Swoops and Squares, Double Lined, Cinematic Cat Eyes.
Eye Make-Up: Extreme Smudged Smokey Eyes, Starry Night Inspired Eyes, White Silver Metallics.
Cheeks: Suntanned, Peaches, Carefree Glow, Creamy Pink, Apricot Blush, Hot Coral.
ACCESORIES!? - Ornate Bracelets, Geometric Bracelets, Array’s of colourful Scarves, Retro-inspired Sunglasses, Marbled Box Clutches, Statement Necklaces, Cuff Bracelets, Black Leather Envelope Clutch Bags, Eye-catching Rings, Printed Clutch Bags, Midwestern-inspired Necklaces, Tribal.
How do I make my feet look gorgeous? - Flat, Chic Sandals, Strappy and Chunky Heeled Shoes/Boots, Platform/Wedge.
After hours of looking on various fashion blogs about what we can expect, fashion wise in Spring/Summer 2012! It seems that some of our favourites will still be selling in the stores!
To find out more information about Make Up, Fashion, Heels, Accessories, and Beauty Tips for 2012, check out the following links I’ve provided for you to make sure you’re looking on-trend this Spring/Summer 2012!

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