Sunday, 8 January 2012

#1 - Body Image.

I’ve been a member on Twitter since 2009. You meet lovely people, or you meet bitchy people.
I was browsing through my timeline the other day and noticed one of my followers was getting hate from a random Twitter account who (in my opinion) seemed to have only made the account to deliberately write nasty things to people who they didn’t seem to like or get along with. Bare in mind this account on Twitter had no picture, no followers, no bio etc and clearly had nothing nice to say to anybody.
So, I decided to scroll through this person’s tweets and found that they were sayings things to girls like “You’re fat. Go and eat some more cake.” “Have you seen the size of your legs? You call yourself a dancer.” “How can you even dance when you’re this fat?” – this poor girl getting all these nasty comments thrown at her had done absolutely nothing wrong to deserve that being slung at her. So me being me, I went on a  bit of a Twitter rant and I’m deciding to do the same thing again, but on my blog instead to just share with the world of blogging how I perceive ‘Body Image’.
There are so many girls out there that decide they want to be ‘skinny’ – don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having that goal or even being skinny, and I think every girl in the world wants to look like the models in the magazines. So I did my research, started reading through articles, and various different blogs, and came across a huge amount of people saying that ‘The average size of a woman in the UK is a 14/16.’ – I’d also agree with this. I continued researching that night, and found another load of blogs/articles saying that ‘Being a Size Zero isn’t the ‘in thing’ anymore’  - so my question is, WHY when we should feel happy/comfortable in our own skin, do we want the bodies of supermodels and the skin of an airbrushed woman in a magazine?

My question to all you bloggers, is which of the above (figure wise) would you prefer to be and why? I’m not entirely sure of the sizes but if I was to guess I’d say: Girl #1 – a Size 4 or 6. Girl #2 – a size 8 or 10. Girl #3 – a 14 or 16. The way I see it, is that ALL of the above women in those pictures look healthy, happy and beautiful.
We should all be able to feel comfortable in our own skin, no matter what size we are.  In my personal opinion, I don’t think any size is wrong. If being ‘curvy’ wasn’t aloud or acceptable, there wouldn’t be clothing sizes out there ranging between a 14-22+! Same applies for girls out there who are sizes 0-10. When I saw this girl getting nasty abuse over Twitter, it made me think about all the people in the world who really struggle to gain or lose weight to save their lives. There are girls in the UK who are comfortable, healthy size 14′s or bigger who have no self-esteem issues at all, yet they get put down by people who I personally don’t think would like to receive that kind of insult in return? – So what is the big issue with picking on people and ridiculing them because of what they look like figure wise? Surely it’s what’s on the inside that counts?
People nowadays, especially girls, are judged WAY too quickly, even by other girls on what they look like, whether it’s weight wise, looks wise, what they wear, what their make-up looks like, how they dress, and the list goes on, and on, and on. When really, we don’t live our lives to please others? OR make other people happy for that matter. If we’re happy, comfortable and healthy we shouldn’t worry? If you’re not comfortable, healthy, or happy – you have the option to change that and become the complete opposite.
My #1 motto in life – “If these bullies have NO relevance or importance to you or your life. Don’t let their opinions or comments take control of you, and how you decide to live your life. The chances are, these people are either jealous, or so deeply saddened/unhappy with their own lives that they feel they need to get a kick out of making other people feel the same way.”
So to all you girls out there who have ever felt ridiculed by others because of the way you look – you’re beautiful.

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